Specialized Programs

30 Day Jumpstart


  • I have the tools to help you increase your energy, focus, clarity and happiness. I also can guide you with decreasing pain, inflammation,
  • MEAL PLANNING: After an in depth analysis of your current diet, I develop a meal plan that suits your lifestyle and body's needs. The key is making small, simple, and easy steps towards that lead to big lifestyle shifts. This will help you naturally lose weight and increase your energy.
  • 3 POWER SESSIONS: We will meet for an initial assessment, where we create a game plan for you to reach your health goals. Then I will send you a unique meal plan that I specifically created for you and your family, along with supplement recommendations. We will meet two more times to integrate additional changes. These meetings are critical to help keep you accountable and for you to receive the additional support you will need.
  • SAVINGS: $41 ($169 marked down from $210)

90 Day Platinum


  • Neuroscientists say it takes 40 days turn a new behavior into a habit. This program is ideal for the person who is committed to changing their life and health. Benefits: more energy, weight loss, improved mood, reduced cravings, and reduced pain and inflammation. I recommend starting with a one week cleanse to really start feeling good. The 90 days is designed to promote healing and help you regain health and vitality.
  • 6 POWER SESSIONS + 1 à la carte item
  • 1 à la carte item: Choose one from below!
  • SAVINGS: $81 ($399 marked down from $480)

6 Month VIP Diamond


  • Let me transform your life. Let's get all the way down the the cellular health and prepare you to live your best life ever. After six months, you will seamlessly integrate a holistic and healthy lifestyle into your regime. Organic food and living an active lifestyle will become almost addictive and it will be pleasurable “you-time” that you no longer put off until tomorrow. Six months of professional guidance and accountability will literally change every cell in you to vibrate with health and success.
  • 12 POWER SESSIONS + 2 à la carte items
  • à la carte: choose two from below!
  • SAVINGS: $141 ($840 marked down to $699)

à la carte

Cleansing the body is vital for weight loss and for us to feel our best. If you are experiencing migraines, GI issues, fatigue, anxiety or have a chronic disease, your body is most likely experiencing toxic overload. It is important to cleanse, along with taking the correct detox supplements. Jillian guides you through detoxing and cleansing the right way. By taking the right supplements, your detox symptoms will be reduced and you will efficiently and quickly eliminate toxins which will allow you to experience health at a level you didn’t think possible.

Choose from Sprouts, Mother’s Market or Whole Foods.

Most people are addicted to sugar without knowing it. They experience highs and lows, along with chronic fatigue and poor health. Sugar contributes to a variety of health conditions, ranging from migraines to Rheumatoid Arthritis. A major issue that sugar consumption contributes to is Candida Albicans overgrowth in the body. This yeast causes leaky gut, mood disorders, eczema and so much more.

In the sugar detox, Jillian explains how to test for candida, which supplements aid with sugar detox, and over 50 sugar free recipes.

Everyone’s talking about it! Whether you have tried going gluten free, or your girlfriend is raving about how good she feels being gluten free, I take it you have wondered if this is something yu should look in to. With this add-on, I use your blood type to decipher if a GF diet would be optimal for you. I also have a simple elimination diet that will test whether you are sensitive to gluten or not. Most people have issue with gluten and do not even know it. Also, most people feel that they have more energy, have less mental fog and more clarity and gastrointestinal issues completely clear up when they follow a GF diet. Personally being gluten free for over three years, I know the ins and outs of living a gluten free lifestyle. I will guide you through which brands to buy, what foods have gluten in them, where to eat on the go and how to dine out GF-style. Includes GF informational hand outs, 3 GF food items, lists of GF brands & GF cookbook.

Each à la carte item is $60 individually, and you save when you purchase them in a specialized program. Each individual coaching session is $70.