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Is salt really all that bad for your health?

“Many studies have examined whether sodium restriction has any effect on cardiovascular disease or the risk of death. These studies consistently found no effect… even in individuals with high blood pressure,” (1). If someone has elevated blood pressure, then yes, reducing sodium intake can help lower it. On the other hand, if someone healthy has more than the daily recommended amount of salt, they are not particularly harming their health. This is not true for all types of salt.

Table salt verses sea salt… Is there a difference?

Table salt is refined and stripped of all the essential minerals we need; some types have added iodine (a mineral many Americans are deficient in). Anti-clumping agents are added to table salt. These are aluminum based and studies have shown that the use of deodorants, beauty products and food that contain aluminum compounds are linked to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Also, sugar is added to some types of table salt due to the bitter taste of the aluminum compounds. Furthermore, 75% of sodium intake in the average American diet comes from processed foods or restaurant foods (2). This kind of sodium does not have health benefits; hence why it is recommended that Americans reduce sodium intake.

On the other hand, sea salt can have up to 92 essential minerals, including iodine. Sandy Fallon, author of “Nourishing Traditions” and president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, explains that salt is an enzyme activator (enzymes help break down food and help your cells carry out reactions needed to survive); it forms hydrochloric acid, which digests proteins; it activates enzymes needed for carbohydrate digestion; helps brain function by activating the creation of glial cells in the brain; and is the basis of cellular metabolism. We need salt for basic body functions.

I buy my sea salt from my local health food store. It should be pinkish, greyish or a sandy color!





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