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My Miserable Cleansing Failure

Cleansing. It helps us reset our system, lose weight, increase energy, clear up acne, sleep better, and get on track with our diets. There are so many benefits, but choosing a cleanse can be so difficult that we end up not doing one at all. Or we start one and completely fail because it was too much.

I recently posted about a nine day colon cleanse where I had daily colonics and only drank liquids. I also drank five detox shakes throughout the day, which consisted of a powder that turned into sludge within seconds of mixing it with water, so I had to chug it quickly. The first day I wasn’t hungry. I experienced headaches and nausea, both are expected detox symptoms. The next few days weren’t too difficult. I wasn’t famished like I expected and the shakes weren’t too bad. A ton of stuff was still coming out of me each morning, during the colonic and outside the colonic. I was stoked to be ridding myself of everything. By the fourth day I was so hungry I couldn’t think straight. The shakes were making me gag and I desperately craved chipotle. Green juice and vegetable broth were only increasing my thoughts of food. By the fifth day, I felt incredibly weak. My stomach had never felt so sucked in and empty. I distinctly remember a client telling me how sushi had made her sick, and I thought to myself, “YUM!! Sushi!!!” By the fifth night, I had it. I drove straight to Chipotle and had a veggie bowl.

The next morning I woke up in tears. I failed miserably and was disappointed in myself, even though I knew I could not take one more day of the gag worthy shakes. The lesson slapped me right in the face. I wouldn’t recommend to any client to take such an extreme approach, yet I expected myself to be able to handle it. I went against what I advise my clients. One needs to ease into cleansing, take it one day at a time and meet their body where it’s at. Cleansing is like training, you don’t run a marathon when you’ve never run a 5K. Oftentimes, I see my clients (including myself!), overestimate their ability to cleanse or stick with a new diet. It’s easy in the beginning, but it can get so much more difficult down the road, especially if you haven’t trained for it.

To fail a cleanse is simple. Take on one too big, too soon. You must be realistic when you choose a cleanse. Start small with a one day juice cleanse, or by cutting out a problematic food like gluten. Or try cooking all of your meals at home for five days. Don’t expect so much from yourself if you have never done a cleanse. Before you choose a five day cleanse, start with a one day cleanse, then try a three day cleanse; at that point, you will be properly equipped to handle a five day cleanse. Also think about your lifestyle. Do you have time to prepare all of your meals or juices? Do you work 60 hours a week? Do you have a family to feed? Have you ever had a green juice? Do you eat dairy or gluten? All of these factors make it clear that cleansing is not a “one size fits all” type of thing.

If you are interested in talking with me about how I create unique cleanses for each of my clients, email me at or message me on facebook (Pure Jillian)! We can set up a free health consultation over the phone if you would like. There are so many different cleanses out there, all of them claiming to be the best, each costing hundreds of dollars. It can be completely overwhelming and we end up giving up before trying.

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