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Ozone Therapy for Lyme Treatment

My health has been a roller coaster the past few years. I can’t remember the last time I felt normal for an extended period of time. I went off my antibiotics today in lieu of other intensive natural therapy. I had my first appointment with Dr. Claudia at OC Brain and Body Health Center in Mission Viejo, CA, last Tuesday ( Dr. Claudia is not a medical doctor, she has her PhD in Health Science. Most of her clients have Lyme disease and I received a wealth of information about my body, health and Lyme disease. We spent three and a half hours together, and it still wasn’t enough time. It has been a week and I’m so deep in it that I feel like it’s been a month rather than just a week. One of the treatments that I am doing through her center is ozone therapy. This is where I sit in a pod that is made for the body, while the head sticks out the top of it. A towel is wrapped around the neck so the oxygen doesn’t get out. Oxygen also goes through a stethoscope-looking tool that sits in your ears, so your head can also receive direct oxygen. The pod pumps out O2 (oxygen) and infrared radiation. Oxygen penetrates the tissues and directly kills viruses and bacteria, hence its usefulness in treating Lyme disease. I also take asparagus extract before I get in and that helps the body detoxify.


I have tried a couple of different treatments for Lyme over the past 8 months, including antibiotics. I reached a place of desperation a few months ago, which is when I started the antibiotics. While on the antibiotics it was a rollercoaster. I never felt good for longer than a couple of days, and there were many days and weekends of being bedridden. It was so bad that I would break down before heading in to work because I felt so sick. Then I would come home and crash, going straight to bed. I kept thinking it was a herxheimer reaction but it just got worse for the entire three months and my symptoms didn’t improve whatsoever. I knew it would get worse while on antibiotics at first, but my symptoms didn’t exactly align with herxheimer reactions. They were potentially more the side effects. I noticed my hearing was getting a lot worse as well (a side effect of azithromycin). I went to an ear doctor and received a bill for $650, which was fun… I was worried about the rare side effect of retinal toxicity and eyesight changes with plaquenil. Not to mention the potential for other types of bacteria in my body to become resistant to antibiotics due to long term consumption of them. Antibiotics can cause the Lyme to hide from them, only to come back with a vengeance once they are discontinued


The ozone therapy has been working out very well so far. I have also been taking the supplements and doing everything that Claudia has recommended and discontinued the other supplements I was taking. I want a fresh start. I am taking supplements in the form of food, and plan to take them for 3 months to restore the body. I realized I do not want to take pills or supplements for more years of my life. It didn’t make much of a difference with my symptoms after years of of taking them and it is high maintenance. This past weekend was the first time in months that I felt good throughout an entire weekend. It truly felt amazing and I had free time to actually enjoy my day. I am just scratching the surface of this new treatment regime, but I am already experiencing positive results and am so hopeful. I do believe I can go into remission. I also went to The Water Brewery in Costa Mesa today to get alkalized and mineralized water. They have oxygenated water, which is in line with ozone therapy, targeting pathogens. I purchased a one-gallon size for alkalized, mineralized, and oxygenated water. The O2 dissipates within 24 hours so they don’t recommend getting it in a larger bottle since it will not last. I will keep you posted on how the treatment goes!

Disclaimer: I am sharing my experience with Lyme and am not making medical recommendations for you. Please talk to your doctor before making any changes :) .