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What Clients Are Saying

  • Not only was Jillian extremely knowledgable about nutrition, but she really cared about helping me reach my weight loss goal. With her insight and advice, I finally broke my plateau and shed those last pounds! She also helped me realize what foods disagreed with my body, and it turned out I've been allergic to dairy my whole life without even realizing it."

    Andrew Buckner / /

  • "Thanks so much Jillian for your knowledge and encouragement. The positive energy you have instilled in me during my quest for a healthier lifestyle has truly helped change my life for the better."

    Lauren Barron / /

  • "Jillian's positive attitude really helped me keep going when I thought it would be impossible to change my habits, but I was quick to learn that just changing the smallest things had a huge impact on my health. We took my sugar tooth and fast food loving self and enhanced it by not taking away any of my vices, but just making them healthier (and easier [not to mention fun!]).”

    Jessica Robinson / /

  • "Thanks to Jill I was able to adopt a more balanced lifestyle that dramatically changed my relationship with food and trained my body to essentially 'crave' healthier foods.  This  resulted in weight loss, a better mood, more energy and quite literally a cure to my health issues."

    Ali Berger / /

  • "I didn't know it could be this easy! I don't feel like I'm dieting while on Pure Jillian's meal plan."

    Kealy McLain / PADI /